Saturday, April 11, 2009

Long Time No Post

Okay, so it's April already and tomorrow is Easter.  I meant to blog during the past two months.  I really did.

From February 9-13 I was in the Dominican Republic where I was privileged to be able to help distribute Operation Christmas Child gift-filled shoe boxes to children in poor rural areas.  I helped with six distributions--two per day--and found them amazing, chaotic, crazy, joy-filled and overwhelming.  

Now I'm back to the ongoing task of packing boxes.  God has been answering prayer to supply items for the boxes and I spent all but one day of my past week off from school working to pack more.  We're up to a total of 1,521 now.  We ran out of stuffed toys, and I'm praying for more.

Today at a flea market I got 62 new stuffed bunnies for under 30 cents each.  Also today's paper printed a small article asking for donations of stuffed animals and small toys.  I'm eager to see if that brings us more toys.

Meanwhile I'm putting candy into bags for the boxes, gathering and wrapping empty boxes to fill (got 216 just in this past week) and putting together paint kits.  

Oh, yeah, did I mention I used coupons to get 412 tubes of toothpaste for free this week?  

Never bored.

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