Sunday, August 27, 2017

Fed By The Brook

I remember being in a group discussion during my college days where someone said he believed there are things in our spiritual walk with the Lord that are too intimate to share.  I think about that sometimes and wonder if I'm too transparent.  On the other hand, I know God can use that transparency to encourage others and bring glory to Himself. I will let transparency reign.

I've been hungry for Him lately.  This always tends to happen as we approach that big packing party every year.  It's a risk.  We don't have preregistrations for volunteers.  We aren't guaranteed who will show up to help us fold and pack those boxes.

We don't even know exactly what will go in each box and how God will answer our prayers to bless each child who receives one.

What I do know is that only God can make this happen.  From a human standpoint we are not on track--we never are.

I believe God's called us to pack these boxes.  I believe He can make it happen.  I sometimes just need a little extra reassurance that He WILL make it happen.

This Sunday was the final sermon in a four-week series call "Fire Fall" designed to prepare our church for God to do something new in us.  I challenge you to go to and listen to those sermons from the life of Elijah.  You won't be sorry.

Today Pastor Derek brought us to the climax of Elijah's battle with the priests of Baal on Mt. Carmel. What amazes me about this story in Elijah's life was how CERTAIN he was that God was going to answer with fire.  He was sure enough to sit there and taunt the prophets of Baal (see 1 Kings chapter 18) while they tried to reach their false god.  Man, I long for that kind of assurance!

As the sermon ended there was an invitation to "move" in response to God's call.  We were asked to "just stand or move into the aisle to kneel."  A few people stood and I sensed a prompting to walk down that long aisle to the front of the church and kneel.  Was it God?  Maybe that was me just wanting some attention?

Really--we were just asked to stand.  Standing would be enough, right?  I wrestled. I justified. But, finally, I just got up and walked and knelt.

I didn't see any visions but I knew--I just KNEW God was meeting me.  Just as God fed Elijah by the brook Cherith I sensed Him feeding that hunger in me.  Slowly there was a visceral response that shook me--literally--and released tears that seemed to bathe the dark smudges of fear from my soul.

It was really such a tiny step of obedience.  I mean, walking down an aisle in a free country isn't like facing a firing squad.  And possibly God would have spoken to me if I'd just been respectable and stood at my seat.  But I really don't think so.

Thank You, God, for meeting me and for that precious KNOWING that You are with me.  Thank You for feeding me.

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