Thursday, June 11, 2015


I guess I've been in a blogging slump.  This is the longest I've gone without updating this blog in quite some time.

I'm also in a safari slump.  My normal Saturday stuffed animal safaris have been interrupted by other worthy plans on quite a few Saturdays already this year--travel to Colombia, family vacation, Operation Christmas Child training, and family commitments have kept me off the yard sale route week after week.

God keeps providing, regardless.  I've made monthly trips to a thrift store, getting over 100 animals on each trip, and bags of donations keep arriving.

Still, I'm lacking 20,000 stuffed animals and our packing party is just over three months away.

Yesterday had me sending an e-mail to a nearby company that sells the kind of stuffed animals you find as prizes at amusement parks.  They aren't the greatest quality but I could buy some smaller ones for .30 - .55 each.  Then I'd need to add in the shipping.  I'll keep praying and investigating.

I also called another company yesterday to inquire about pricing for 165,000 feet of rope to make jump ropes.  It's kind of astounding how quickly the totals add up.  Next I need to work on ordering a ton (or more, literally) of soap.

Our team has a motto, "We never do the same thing twice."  It seems God is always coming up with new ways to bring us the items we need to fill the boxes.  True to form, He's opened doors and led us to some new suppliers already this year.

I've been working hard at one thing after another--filling Easter eggs with rings and bracelets for fillers, untangling nice jewelry I bought in clumps at a local store...well, there are lots of stories to tell that I just haven't been telling during this blogging slump.'s time to get out of the slump.  It's also time to organize a meeting for the core team who will organize the upcoming packing party.

Because time waits for no slump.

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