Friday, June 26, 2015

Bountiful Blessings

This was a day of bountiful blessings.  I started the day at an early morning church rummage sale where I found not only 67 nice stuffed animals but also 6 brand new indoor/outdoor chair cushions that I hope will bless my daughter who needs them for her recycled patio furniture.

Then I met my Operation Christmas Child team media coordinator, Pam, for a free breakfast at Chick-fil-A (thank you Chick-fil-A Erie for having your Facebook Friday freebie be my favorite bagel sandwich.)

While there, we got a call from my church that a delivery truck had arrived with the two pallets of pens we ordered.  I'd been praying about this delivery because the weather's been crazy and I really didn't want the shipment to be rain-sogged.

We headed to the church and the weather stayed sunny and breezy while we unloaded and stored our loot.  I was especially blessed by Pam who not only donated pens but was also willing to stash them in her little vehicle and take them home to store in her basement.

Will they fit, we wondered?

Well, yes (80% of them anyway)

With a little more finagling, we got the boxes of items I brought from home stowed in the container also.  There is one little hitch, though.

We are just about out of room.  And we have five pallets with 240 cases of soap arriving in a few days.  So we need to move at least half of these cartons of jump rope handles to new homes.

I'm hatching a new plan to put a plea on Facebook for local families to 'adopt' a few boxes of these jump rope handles and at least store them.  Even better, they could put rope into the handles to make the actual jump ropes and then store them for our packing party in September.

Sometimes the blessings are so bountiful you just don't know what to do with them all...

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