Wednesday, June 24, 2015

One Thousand By One Thousand

Yes, I know what you're thinking.  How many pictures of stuffed animals can she put on this blog?  It's probably not normal for a grown woman to spend so much time obsessing about plush toys, but I never claimed to be normal.

Last week I rejoiced to receive a donation of 350 brand new Beanie Babies. Then after a few weeks of hiatus I was finally able to hit the weekend safari trail again and was blessed with 288 stuffed animals.  Now I'm back in the sorting and storing saddle.

I did a quick tally a few days ago and was excited to realize that I have about the same number of stuffed animals as I had at this time last year--just under 5,000.  I know that seems a long way from the goal of 25,000 by September 18th.  God's at work, though.

Today I was frantically organizing shoebox items in my efforts to clean the house for our Operation Christmas Child area team meeting tonight.  Those efforts were happily interrupted when I got the call to pick up a donation of more of those lovely Beanie Babies.  Off I went and returned with another 300 brand new animals. the past week God has provided almost 1,000.

Interruptions aside, I did get the house presentable for tonight's meeting.  Best of all, cleaning was my only preparation.  My prayer coordinator led the meeting and did a fantastic presentation on fruitfulness and multiplication.  It's amazing to think how fast our team could grow if everyone caught the vision of multiplication.

And if I could get these animals to multiply...we'd be all set.

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