Saturday, April 4, 2015

Saturday--The Land Between

Jesus is buried.  The tomb is sealed.  Now it's Saturday.

Jeff Manion wrote a book titled, "The Land Between" and as I lay in bed this morning pondering this day between Good Friday and Easter Sunday I thought how Manion's book title is a perfect description for this day.

I wonder what Jesus' followers were doing and thinking on that day when they were in The Land Between.  We often use the phrase "Sunday's coming" to remind us of our hope of resurrection and victory, but I wonder if the disciples had that assurance?  I doubt it.

Though Jesus predicted and promised His resurrection, it still seemed to come as a surprise to His disciples, so I doubt they were calmly trusting and waiting for it on that day in between.

I think about those Saturdays in my life.  In your life.

It wasn't many weeks ago when I struggled with some Saturday days.  I felt like my prayers weren't being answered.  I wasn't fully trusting in His promises.  In my head I knew I could; in my heart, I wasn't.  Nothing huge, mind you--just some normal Saturday angst.

In God's economy these Saturdays in life seem to be really important.  For one thing, they make the resurrection victories all the sweeter.

I'm going to take this Saturday to reflect on all the Saturdays in my life that have been followed, by God's grace, with glorious resurrection Sundays.

It's a good day to remember all those past Operation Christmas Child packing parties where God showed up and filled the trucks.  It's a good day to thank God for victories--even those that didn't come when and how I thought they would come.

And it's a good day to remember, always...Sunday really IS coming.

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