Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Colombia Cash-In

Back in March, 2008 I got this letter from a girl named Laura Juanita Triana from Bogata, Colombia who had received one of the Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes we packed in 2007.  We packed 4,665 boxes that year and at the time we received a lot of letters at our church from shoebox recipients.

So...I am sorry to say, I never responded to this letter which is written in Spanish.  As you can see, she even sent me some Colombian currency.

I tucked the letter away in one of the binders I keep for these special treasures, and when I was invited to go to Colombia this year to help distribute Operation Christmas Child boxes I remembered it and searched it out.

Tomorrow I will fly into Medellin, Colombia for this distribution trip, and I'm taking the letter with me.  This letter was from Bogata--quite a distance from where I'll be--but, hey, you never know.

I'm taking this Colombian cash with me, too, and praying I will find a special purpose for it on this trip.

I don't know why God has me flying out to Colombia.  I didn't ask to go.  I really don't want to go.  But after praying about this for a long time, I know God wants me to go.

I'm praying He will help me to see what He wants me to see and do whatever He wants me to do.  I am already regretting I didn't spend more time memorizing those Spanish phrases from the little book they sent me.  

Will you pray with me that I won't miss God's investment on this trip?

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