Monday, April 13, 2015

Egg-cellent Shopping

It has been a crazy and productive week of post-Easter shopping.  I scouted the leftover Easter merchandise last Monday morning, but 50% off just isn't enough of a discount to send me into buying mode.  

This year was a surprise, though, when Target reduced their Easter items to 70% off starting on Tuesday in some cities and on Wednesday here.  I immediately fell in love with some adorable stuffed lambs with a regular price of $4.99.  I almost caved and bought some at the 70% off price of $1.50, but I decided I really needed to wait.  l left the store with nothing but prayers and high hopes that some of those cuties would be left when they went to 90% off.

Meanwhile, over at Walmart I was keeping my eye on a huge display of stuffed animals that were regularly priced at only $2.99 and would be a great deal at 75% off.  

On Thursday morning I hit Walmart before 7:30 am.  The signs were still posted at 50% off, but I grabbed one of those stuffed animals and sprinted to the price checking machine.  Elated when it rang up at 75% off, I headed for the display where I filled two carts with what turned out to be 234 stuffed animals.  

 I had a very competent cashier and was out of there in 20 minutes with my treasures.  I hadn't checked the other Walmarts in my area, and I couldn't stand the thought of missing any more of these adorable toys.  So...I hopped on the interstate and headed 20 minutes east but had no luck at all there.

Back in the car and another 15 minutes west to the next Walmart.  Again--nothing.

I debated whether I should try another store--especially since I was supposed to be at a Bible study at 9:30.  I prayed and finally decided to head out to Edinboro--another 25 minutes west.  I was disappointed again.  Should have quit after the first store.

On Friday morning I hoped Target would be at 90% off, but they weren't.  I counted those lambs (all 15 of them) and I confess I even tried to hide some of them behind larger stuffed animals.

Saturday morning dawned bring and sunny, but we were supposed to leave for the two-hour drive to visit our daughter.   My husband didn't want to wait for Target to open.  So we headed out, stopped to get him coffee, and THEN he surprised me by heading to Target.  We waited about ten minutes in the parking lot before the doors opened, and I was first inside.

I raced to the Easter aisle and was so sad to find that even though they'd gone to 90% there were no lambs left.  I did end up with six cute fluffy animals and a few dolls for .49 each to bless another half dozen children.

 One thing Target did have was bags and bags of Easter eggs.  I started thinking it would be fun to buy them and fill them with little plastic rings or trinkets to bless the children with another brightly colored filler toy.

 So...before church on Sunday morning I headed back to Target and scored over 10,000 plastic eggs.  Each pack of 12 was only .08, making the eggs less than 3/4 cent each.  Each package had to be individually scanned so I was at the register for 40 minutes.  The register stopped half way through, and we ended up with two transactions.  I started to worry that my minivan wouldn't hold them all, but I ended up having plenty of room.  I took them right to church with me and was able to stash them in the storage container.

Around noon today I read that some Walmarts had gone to 90% off.  There was one Walmart store I hadn't visited yet in this sale season.  The weather was gorgeous here in Erie, PA today--up to nearly 80 degrees--a true miracle after our long, cold winter.  I just had to jump in the car and take a ride with the windows down to that Walmart.

I'm so glad I did.  I found these sweet little water bottles for just .09 each, and though it was after noon there were still 50 of them left.  I couldn't believe it!

I also found some cute lollipops in Easter eggs and a few little felt purses for .09 each, too.  Also made a stop at K-Mart where they had lots of darling stuffed animals but only at 65% off.  Who came up with the idea of 65%?  I'll be checking back there later.

Sun, heat, and bargains all in the same day.  What could be more egg-cellent?


  1. Selecting items for so many boxes. How do you decide what to put into your boxes? Reading that OCC is looking for quality over quantity does this change your selection process? Seeing large stuffed items in some of your pictures, can you get any other items in with them? OCC ask for a "WOW" item in the box, saying a stuffed item is a "WOW" item. Do you find this to be the case?

  2. hi, there! Yes, I believe a good stuffed toy is a definite "wow" item. Quality vs. quantity is always an important consideration but we can never know what will be a "wow" item for a child. For some it can be something as simple as a candy cane or a pencil because whatever the child really wants is the "wow" item for them. I constantly ask God to help us pack the best boxes we can and still bless as many children as possible. Prayer is the key, for sure. And you can still get a lot of items in a box in addition to a good-sized huggable stuffed animal.