Saturday, May 3, 2014

On The Move

Today you get a guided tour of the shoe box stash.  This afternoon my sweet husband sacrificially helped me organize the little we have in our storage container for our Operation Christmas Child packing party.

So, here it is.  On the bottom are the 37 cases of paper--already counted out and lovingly stapled into packets by a wonderful volunteer.

On top of the paper are the clothing items and filler items we have so far--not a lot there yet.

And on the left in the front are the cartons containing the 5,760 toothbrushes ordered from Plak Smackers this week.  They have pretty impressive shipping--since they were ordered late Tuesday night and arrived on Friday. (by the way, if you decide to order from Plak Smackers, tell them Kathy Schriefer sent you and they will give me free shipping on my next order.)

And along the right side are the bags of stuffed animals--19 bags each holding 100 stuffed animals that are waiting to be stacked on top of the other items when God provides them.

And here are the stacks of coloring books that we moved to the front of the container.

We recently learned that the coloring books can't be used for the special boxes we're packing at our large packing party.  So we moved them to the front of the container where they're waiting to be donated to other local Operation Christmas Child packing parties.  

Maybe I can put this on my resume and get a warehouse job during my retirement.

Meanwhile, our Indiegogo campaign is slowly getting on the move, too.  After the first day it stalled a bit, but I was really encouraged to see three more donors today.

We now have $160 contributed toward our goal of $4000.  We're 4% of the way there and have received enough to bless 889 children with soap and a toothbrush.

Moving on.

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