Saturday, May 17, 2014

Not Necessary But Needed

I headed out this morning on a safari for stuffed animals for our Operation Christmas Child packing party.  I was glad God already provided 333 this week because my list of sales was pretty short this morning.

I was still praying for 500 this morning--a goal that definitely fell into the "God-sized" category.

Things were looking pretty lean until I hit one house that had two large garbage bags full of new Beanie Babies.  I ended up with 178 full-sized, 55 teenies, and 2 Barbie dolls for a total of $20.00--praise God.   I never know where God will lead me when I prayerfully make that list and head out.

Total haul for this morning was 281 which makes a total of 614 over the past few days.  I'm proud to say all of them are sorted, washed, and bagged and the living room is freshly cleaned so there's no evidence of their existence (as long as you stay out of the spare bedrooms.)

God also gave me another special gift today.  For a few years I've been wanting a DVD of "It's A Wonderful Life."  I had one in my Amazon cart for a few weeks at Christmas time this year but ended up talking myself out of buying it.  After all, it wasn't a necessity.

Guess what I found today at a sale?  A brand new sealed 2-disc collector's set of that movie for only $2.00.

It still wasn't necessary but today it was just what I needed.

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