Thursday, May 1, 2014

Indiegogo Going

Look at this little guy--when asked what his favorite thing was in his Operation Christmas Child shoe box, he said, "The soap!"

Millions of children around the world have never owned their own toothbrush and lack something as simple as a bar of soap.

My husband has been urging me to broaden the source of funding for our large packing party.  I'm not a fundraiser, but I've been praying about this.  I decided to try crowdfunding through a site called Indiegogo that lets you share your project and receive donations into your PayPal account.

This site went live on Wednesday morning and a three friends quickly donated but there's been no action since then.

My vision was to get 200 people to each donate $20 to reach the campaign goal of $4000 to give us enough to buy 23,000 bars of soap and 23,000 toothbrushes.

Would you be willing to share this link with your friends or on social media?   It would be great to see a lot of people do just a little to make this happen.

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