Monday, September 16, 2013

Managing Blessings

God has His own timetable--that's for sure.  We've been praying for months for stuffed animals and also for another relay center (or two) for our Northwestern PA Operation Christmas Child Area Team.

But no new relay center seemed to be in the works and we started this week 7,000 stuffed animals behind where we were at this time last year.

Now here I am in the busiest time of my year.  The last week at school was the most stressful and busiest ever, and this week isn't looking any better.

So now God decides to open the windows of heaven.

Someone from a local church contacted OCC through the main website with the message that they'd like to be a relay center.  And then today alone I had 850 regular sized stuffed animals and another 100 or more teenie Beanie Babies donated.

Tonight I spent several hours sorting and stowing stuffed animals to clear the living room before our OCC team meeting at my house tomorrow night.

God, help me manage all these blessings.

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