Saturday, September 14, 2013


I love seeing how God works things together in this Operation Christmas Child journey.  In the midst of an exceedingly trying week at work there were plenty of God sightings.

I and others have been praying for God to give us 7,000 more stuffed animals and enough fillers for our packing party on September 28th.

This week a huge box from Oriental Trading arrived full of pencils, filler items, and small stuffed animals.  I didn't order them.  They were sent by Beth, a woman who lives in another state whom I've never met.  She sent them for our packing party and also sent a gift of money through Paypal to help with shipping of our shoeboxes.  What a blessing!

Today I trekked to a few yard sales.  I only found two stuffed animals and one of them I later noticed has a tear in it.  BUT while I was out hunting I got a phone call from a woman who wanted to donate new Beanie Babies.  I met her at 11:45 and picked up 106 animals.  Another God sighting.

Tonight the blessings continued.  Our team has been praying for at least 26 new participating churches for Operation Christmas Child in our area this season.

The phone rang an hour ago and it was the pastor's wife from a local church saying she wants their church to do shoeboxes.  Hallelujah!

What I love most is the intersections behind this call.  This woman attended a gospel sing in Lebanon, PA a week or two ago.  There she talked with an OCC volunteer and was given a packet of materials and a few brochures.   As she was considering getting the project started at her church she picked up a copy of a local free newspaper called Senior News and read an article they printed about our upcoming OCC packing party and got my phone number.

So--the faithfulness of an OCC friend in another part of the state who
 manned a display table combined with the faithfulness of Pam, our media team member, who submitted information to Senior News.

These intersections were used by God to answer our prayers and the prayers of children around the world.

God sightings.

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