Thursday, January 31, 2013

Waste Not...Conserve Joy

Last night I had some Operation Christmas Child joy when I came home with 22 pairs of nice shoes for a total of $31.00.  Getting a great bargain brings me such joy.

Conversely, nothing threatens to steal my joy as much as waste.  I hate it when I waste--time or money.  Not that I don't do plenty of it, but it always makes me feel awful.

Today seems full of waste.  It was my morning to run, but the winds were high so I wimped out and wasted the opportunity.  At the school I was at today it was "Catholic Schools Week" and I wasn't able to get any screening exams done.  More waste.

After school I went to look at the portraits I had taken two weeks ago.  After I picked a pose I was fascinated with watching the photographer edit and do touch-ups.  Carried away in the moment, I shelled out over a hundred bucks for a disk with four various sized images of the same photo pose.   As I left I wondered what possessed me to do that?!  More waste.

I have been blessed with $226 in Office Max Perks that I need to use by today.  I've been considering the best use of this reward money for a month and waiting for the right sale.  Pencils were on sale last week but I thought I'd wait and see if I could find a better deal.  Well, no better deal came and now the pencils aren't on sale either.  I don't know what to buy that won't be wasting the money but I only have four and a half hours to order online or lose out.

And all day I've watched the wind blow the snow into white-outs and prayed about whether my flight to Baltimore for the OCC Area Coordinators' retreat will even take off.  If it doesn't, will I waste the money for that ticket?  Even worse, will I waste one of my precious personal days?  (not to mention missing the fun and fellowship.)

In the midst of all this, I'm trying to talk myself down and conserve joy because I've definitely been letting that leak out all day.

What a waste.

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