Saturday, January 12, 2013

Stack and Store and Yet....

We were blessed with a balmy January day today in Erie, PA.  The temperature rose to nearly 60 degrees making it a perfect day to do some sorting and organizing in our Operation Christmas Child storage container.

My dear husband willingly came to lend his expertise and worked masterfully from his makeshift step stool constructed of cartons of coloring books.

We need every inch of that storage space so it's a challenge to figure out how to stack those boxes of various sizes and shapes.

The space still looks so empty.  Last year at this time we already had cartons containing more than 17,000 T-shirts neatly stacked but God hasn't provided a deal like that this year.


I estimated the number of leftover notebooks and tried to figure out how many thousand packs of paper are in that stack of boxes.  I counted the leftover toothpaste tubes (291)  and brought the tub of toothbrushes home to count later. I looked at the 4 bags of stuffed animals in there (400 total) and thought about the 200 bags of them (20,000) we still need.

And while we worked I prayed and thanked God for the ways in which He is going to fill that container this year.   Even though I don't see them.


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