Monday, January 7, 2013

Just One

As we work to prepare for a large Operation Christmas Child packing party each year, I sometimes get discouraged when I don't find large numbers of a certain item.  In my last post, for example, I talked about getting nearly 3,000 cups and bowls.  Still I wished I'd been able to find more.

Sometimes, though, I need to step back and remember that each box goes to ONE CHILD who has individual needs and wants and prayers.

I got a wonderful donation from a friend in my small group at church a few months ago.  Bob is a Vietnam vet who, as a result of an accident, is wheelchair-bound.   When he saw a picture on my Facebook page of people who made makeshift shoes out of empty plastic 2-liter soda bottles, he was moved to make a difference.

I've asked Bob to pray with me that God will give us great deals on shoes so that his donation will buy at least 250 pairs.  He really doesn't want flip-flops, either.  He wants to buy some quality shoes for the children who will receive them in their Operation Christmas Child boxes.

About a week ago I found 10 pairs for a total of $22.00 and I'm prayerfully scouting for more.

On Saturday evening I drove to our local shopping area in search of bargains and I made a stop at Old Navy.  There I found one pair of glittery silver sneakers for only 97 cents!  They're sturdy but also beautiful and fun.  (And though the picture makes them look like they are mismatched sizes, I assure you they aren't.)

I scoured the store for more but, alas, there was only ONE pair.  At first I was disappointed that I couldn't find more but then I realized that blessing ONE child with a nice pair of shoes was worth a shopping trip.

So I pray for this ONE child.  She will not receive these shoes for well over a year, but God knows who she is and will help her to grow into them at just the right time.

God, please answer this ONE prayer.

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