Monday, February 13, 2012

What Is My Job?

Every day I'm doing something for Operation Christmas Child  but often I wonder if I'm doing the right things.  Many days it involves chores like sorting and washing stuffed animals or shopping for pens and then opening the packages those pens come in and storing them in boxes.

Right now we're running a stuffed animal drive at the public school where I work, so every day after school I've been hauling heaping bags of stuffed animals into the house for processing.

It's necessary work, but is it the job I'm supposed to be doing?  I know that as a volunteer Area Coordinator for Operation Christmas Child it's my job to build and lead a team to take over these responsibilities.  I've been struggling with this for nearly five years now.

Sometimes I'm encouraged and think we're making progress as a team and sometimes I get discouraged when I see how far we are from being a really cohesive well-working team that supports one another.

Instead of hauling stuffed animals I should probably be making some phone calls to recruit new team members or to support those already on my team.  I should be planning something fun to do at our team meeting next week.  I should be concocting some sort of plan to build unity out of our God-ordained diversity.   Oh, but that all sounds so very, very hard.

I think I'll go hug some stuffed animals.

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