Monday, February 27, 2012

Jesus Selects His Team

Tonight I spent an hour on the phone interviewing a potential team member for my Operation Christmas Child team.  I really have a lot of respect for their 'High Impact Process' for team selection, training and management, but as I went through the interview questions I couldn't help but think about how Jesus selected His team.

What if Jesus had asked his potential disciples these interview questions?

Jesus:  Peter, what do you love to do and do really well?
Peter:  Uh, well, I like to fish a lot.
Jesus: (looking for a measure of commitment)  So, Peter, how long have you been fishing?
Peter:  Pretty much my whole life.  Do you have a fishing team?  I mean, I'm not really that good at working with people but I sure can fish.
Jesus:  What do you think a friend would say about you, Peter?
Peter:  Um, well, I guess they'd say I'm pretty up-front.  I say what I think.
Jesus:  Tell me about a time when you found yourself in a challenging situation:  How did you handle it?
Peter:  Well, I guess I'm the kind of guy who just jumps right in.  I can handle anything.
Jesus:  Have you been part of a ministry team before?  What experiences have you had that lead you to believe you'd be good at being part of changing the world?
Peter:  Experience?  Um, no, I don't think I have any experience.
Jesus:  How do you handle conflict?  What are some things you' have found to be helpful when dealing with conflict?
Peter:  Well, I have this sword I keep close at hand.  I've found it pretty useful in conflict.

Jesus turns to James and John---
Jesus:  So, James and John, tell me about a time when you had to stick to something in difficult circum...
James and John:  (interrupting in unison)  We're not really into 'difficult'.  In fact, we were wondering if we could sign up to sit on your right and left hand when you rule the team, er, the world.

So the Bible says Jesus prayed all night and then He selected His team.

Oh, boy.  I guess He could have used some High Impact Training.

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