Thursday, August 11, 2011

Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit--Seth Godin

Waiting to hear Seth Godin (most popular blogger) and hoping to get some ideas to help advance Operation Christmas Child.

"Someone watching this today is going to change everything and do something that matters. Not because their boss told them to but because it's important."

Betty Crocker went on the radio and sold average products for average women. We grew up with the notion that we can promote an idea from a position of power. The idea of 'More'. TV industrial complex. Revlon were first TV ads for cosmetics and got more distribution and bought more ads, etc. in a circle--average products for average people.

One by one we see pillars of industry (recordings, newspapers, books) going away. Look at the variety of TV channels

Revolutions destroy the perfect and allow the impossible. We're seeing the death of the industrial age which is being replaced by an age of tribes (a group of people who share a culture).

Before the pin making machine a skilled craftsman could make 3-4 pins a day and after the machine someone off the streets could make thousands. Now anyone who has a while collar job has their hands on the world.

Art is the risky act of doing something you haven't done before for someone else. If you own the means of production there's no reason to hold back because you don't have a boss to be accountable to.

Assembly line=keep the line moving. Leadership isn't like that. Mass production leads to interchangeable people. We send people to school and teach them to fit in so we can ignore them.

Competence used to be important but is no longer a scarce commodity. It's no longer enough to be competent. The thing with the race to the bottom is you might win. If you can write it down, I can find it cheaper.

You must be distinctive. You need to learn to solve interesting problems Don't wait to be picked--pick yourself.

If failure is not an option than neither is success. You will do art and you will fail, because that's art.

The little voice in the back of your head (lizard brain) gives resistance and tells you to 'fit in'. Every revolution destroys what came before before it launches the new.

Art is giving gifts, not favors. "Knit a sweater out of that last strand of hope." Too many people are walking around holding onto something that's going to rot. We are constantly looking for a reason not to do our art--not to take the risk.

How many people want your platform, your seat, your chance to make something happen? Make art, give gifts, do work that matters, shift things, make a difference.

A 6 word invitation--we need you to lead us.

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