Thursday, February 24, 2011

Paddleball Blessings

Holiday Paddleball Games

I'm always looking for new fillers for our Operation Christmas Child shoebox packing party. I found these cute paddleball games (click on the green print above to see the listing for these) on the Oriental Trading company website and ordered a few to see how they looked. At the time they were on sale for .99 per dozen, which I thought was a great price. They're listed as "less than perfect" because the rubber band can detach from the paddle but I found them to be as sturdy as the ones I used as a kid. Those rubber bands were notorious for coming off and then you just tied them onto the handle of the paddle.

So when I saw these paddleball games (look for them in the sale section and drop down to the 'less than perfect' section and look on page 4, I believe) with a further reduced price of only .59 per dozen I decided to order a bunch of them. And I do mean a bunch.

I was able to use a coupon code that gave me $10.00 off and free shipping on each order of $79.00 so by ordering in groups of 134 dozen I got the cost down to only 4.2 cents per game. As I kept placing orders I thought there was no way they'd actually have all these in stock, but lo and behold I got shipping confirmations that all my orders are on their way.

That's 48 cases containing more than 13,000 paddleballs.

I'm bouncing with joy.


  1. What a great price!! I'm there trying to order now but it will only let me use one coupon code. How did you get two of them to work??

  2. Kris, you can only use one code at a time. I had one that expired on 2/22 and offered both free shipping and $10 off on a purchase of $79. I kept ordering in $79 increments and was able to keep using the same code. Before I shop at Oriental Trading I always do a google search for "Oriental Trading Coupon Codes" and find the best one to use. It seems like they're still available.