Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mundane Thursday

Sometimes the days seem so mundane with a legato pace. Today threatened to be one of those days, but then the weather took an unseasonable upturn. Running in 50 degree weather cheered me up this morning and having seen 6 robins in a tree the other day I'm getting a little spring fever.

It's not a mundane week for Operation Christmas Child. A large team comprised of Operation Christmas Child staff and year-round area coordinators are going to be doing shoebox distributions in Honduras from February 20-26. Please keep them in your prayers as they give out these 'gospel opportunities'. Just two years ago I was in the Dominican Republic for such a trip. You can see in this picture that the small churches are packed at these shoebox distibutions. What a life-changing experience.

Thanks to all who became ad-visors on the OCC shoebox visor issue. Your comments helped me decide to buy 2 more pallets of them. I was glad of that when I read an article in yesterday's paper saying that clothing prices may be rising because of higher prices on cotton and other materials. I'm so glad that our God is bigger than the economy. In the past few years when our US economy was in a downturn, the number of shoeboxes collected for Operation Christmas Child grew in amazing ways.

Tonight we have our Northwestern PA Area Team meeting. There are a number of people who can't be there but I'm praying God will lead us to use the time wisely and grow deeper into Him. We need to make plans for calling all the churches who contributed boxes to affirm them. I hate making phone calls (I call it phonophobia) but it needs to be done so we'll figure out how to do it.

Thank You, God, that You are always near, even on a mundane Thursday.

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  1. I love making those calls! Hearing the project leaders stories is so encouraging. We call to affirm them, and to share numbers, and they end up affirming us... our God - His ways are not ours... always demonstrating Eph. 3:20...