Saturday, April 15, 2017

Let's Party

Here we are on Easter Saturday--the day of waiting.  Sometimes it feels like a lot of my life is spent in waiting.  I think of prayers I've been praying for decades, still without seeing any apparent movement.  God hears, I know.

Some of my waiting is self-imposed--always looking ahead to the next thing instead of hunkering down in the present and enjoying the gift of it.  I'm getting a bit better at that, but waiting to get better!

I waited for weeks for the Operation Christmas Child Connect Conference to be over, for our team meeting following it to be done, for our team recommitment to be completed.

And, now, the waiting is over.  The 2017 Connect Conference was different this year--spectacularly blessed, but different.  The emphasis on personal evangelism was so convicting. The first speaker said, "Don't ask God to send someone to your neighbor when you live 50 feet away." And...the message didn't change throughout the conference.  Speaker after speaker pressed the need for FRANgelism (sharing Christ with friends, relatives, associates, neighbors.)  I don't like conviction.  I'm not sure what to do with it.  The obvious answer is--obey--but what does that look like?  Okay, I'm probably just making excuses. Ahem.  So...

As for the team meeting, after a good team discussion--THE PARTY IS ON.  The team is ready to forge ahead together, in God's strength, to pack 27,000 boxes by the end of the day on September 23, 2017.  I celebrated this on Wednesday by purchasing 4,001 more baseball hats.

As for the team recommitment, we lost seven team members already this year--nearly a quarter of the team.  We're going to be asking God to replace a Central Drop-Off Site and at least three other Drop-Off Sites.

Back to praying.  And waiting.

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