Saturday, November 12, 2016

Collection Week Eve

Woke up at 4:30 on this Saturday morning and my mind kicked into high gear.  Being on the verge of Operation Christmas Child's National Collection Week is akin to Christmas Eve.  On the one hand there are still so many details to think about...

And...on the other feels like it's time to shift from cultivating to harvesting.

This afternoon a member of our team is hosting a packing party for adolescents who have special needs.  We're hoping to pack another 200 boxes or more so my car is loaded with stuffed animals, clothing, fillers and the last of our precious supply of GO boxes.  My dream is to get all those items actually packed into boxes so I don't have to bring anything back into my house.  We'll see.

Tomorrow I'm speaking at a church where they've already collected all their boxes.  And I have the whole sermon time.  And I don't know what I'm going to talk to them about.  Well...shoeboxes...but what about them?  More to think about.

So last night instead of praying or planning as I should have been I amused myself by writing a rhyme about Collection Week Eve.  I hope you can relate...

The Week Before National Collection Week

‘Tis the eve of collection and all through the land
Those OCC volunteers take their last stand.
The dollar store registers ring up those sales
Of toothbrushes, bars of soap, hammers and nails.
Determined that every GO box be filled
With items that make sure each child will be thrilled,
They shop and they pack and they pray as they go
For hearts to be open so God’s love they’ll know.
And then there are drop-off sites being prepared
To collect every box that so soon will be shared.
Those missional centers will be bathed in prayer
So donors feel welcomed and see Jesus there.
The Processing Centers are in final prep
With set-up and details in the last step.
All ready for volunteers waiting to come
To check all those boxes—each one, not just some.
And into the midst of this feverish hustle—
The scurrying, hurrying last-minute bustle--
Comes One who reminds us that He is our Peace
We pray and we work but He gives the increase,
And we hear His sure promise our plans to exceed,
“I’m more than enough. I’m all that you need.”

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