Saturday, November 19, 2016

All Is Bright...

Can't. Stop. Packing.  I thought I was done with all my boxes a week ago...and then I got more donations on Monday and Tuesday of this week and started in on packing again.

Before long I ran out of boxes and began scouring the house for any I could find.  I pulled out 'old school' GO boxes that I'd used as sample boxes, one that held prayer requests, a few from 'surthrival' kits I received at area coordinators' retreats, and ones that had held rubber bands and crayons.  EVERY box I could find was filled.  I even hit up a few stores and got half a dozen more.

Once those were all filled I contacted the project leader for our church who'd ordered a large number of GO boxes.  She had extra and I was able to get another carton from her this evening.

So...tonight it was back to packing again.  I completed another 48 and I think I might be able to eke out another 6-9 nicely packed boxes yet tomorrow.  I feel such an urgency to get every box possible packed.

Meanwhile, the record high 75 degree temperature from yesterday dropped drastically today, accompanied by cold, driving rain that turned into snow.

My media coordinator, Pam, and I headed out to visit three more drop-off sites today and covering another 100 plus miles.  The sky was dark but the day was bright.

As I think about the goal we've prayed for all year--51,500 boxes--it seems pretty unreachable at this point.  I've looked at the drop-off logs at the sites as I've visited and seen the number of boxes packed drop at many of the churches.  We have a couple new churches packing but still not really high numbers.

But, it's not over yet.  And, as several people reminded me today, God will give us the number of boxes He wants us to have.

Still, I keep praying people will be moved to pack up the GO boxes that are sitting in their homes waiting to be filled.  One new participating church distributed 700 GO boxes and only 125 have been returned so far.  I'm praying those folks will not be able to rest until they fill those boxes and return them tomorrow.  We have a big God who can overcome the predicted snow accumulation and our seeming low numbers.

So, I'll do what I can do today...pray and pack...and ponder the truth that...all IS bright.

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  1. I've told my team the same thing, whatever number we end up with is the goal God set for us. And IF we don't meet our goal, some other area team will exceed theirs to make up for ours. It's God's ministry so he will make it all work out!!