Thursday, June 2, 2016

The Dope on Soap

A bar of soap might not be the most exciting gift a child could find in her shoebox, but this little girl loved the soap she got.  When you've never had your own bar it can seem like a pretty wonderful gift.

Today I decided I'd better make the call to Clean The World in Orlando to order our soap for the upcoming packing party.  I'm glad I did because it will take them up to six weeks to get it produced and shipped and I really want to have it by July 14th for our packing party work day.

Last year I ordered five pallets of soap and ran out.  This year I upped the order to six pallets--32,712 bars of soap to supply our packing party and several others in our area with some to spare.

Cairra Martin, the Global Health Coordinator for Clean The World, was extremely helpful and familiar with Operation Christmas Child.  The cool thing about this organization is they recycle leftover soap from hotels, heat it and render it down again so any bacteria are killed, and then cut and box it to be distributed by nonprofit organizations.

You can buy a carton of soap (116 bars) for $10 or a pallet of 47 cartons (5,452 total bars) for $275.  Shipping charges are additional.  They have a facility in Orlando, Florida and one in the Arizona/Las Vegas area.

If you want to order soap, you can contact Cairra by phone at (407) 574-8353 ext. 1009 or via email at --  She will email you a request form to complete.  After you return it to her she will contact you with a shipping quote.  You can then decide if you want to proceed with the order.

Shipping for six pallets of soap from Orlando to Erie was $950, but, hey, soap is heavy.  Even with the shipping it figures out to be about eight cents for a bar that's about three ounces.  It comes unbagged, though, so you will have the extra investment in purchasing bags and the work of bagging them.

So, as we wait for the delivery, we'll move the spools of rope around to maximize the dwindling space in the storage container...

...and we'll pray for delivery on a day with no rain

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