Thursday, June 23, 2016

Blogging Beats Logging

Today's "show and tell"-- here are the boards I broke in my Tae Kwon Do class today.  It's been a busy week of volunteering at a day camp for inner city middle schoolers called Bonkers 4 Jesus.  And, yeah, it's been a little bit bonkers.

In addition to my 'minor' class in martial arts I've been assisting with a group of four students who are learning to blog.  It's been fun getting to know them and seeing them work hard to learn something they've never attempted.  Come to think of it, while I've been blogging for some time I've never tried my hand (or feet) at martial arts--so we've all been working at something new.

They got a real kick out of looking at the stats on their blog and discovering that someone from Cameroon was following them.  So, today I wrote them these limericks--

Our followers from Cameroon
Are reading our blog night and noon.
Next people from Yonkers 
Will read about Bonkers
And they'll all be signing up soon.

With pens and computers we wrote
And kept our idea afloat.
We all learned that blogging 
Is more fun than logging.
It's simply a short online note.

They would love to know folks from different areas are checking out their blog, so if you have a moment will you please view their site by going to to give them a 'hit'? It would mean a lot.

Meanwhile, this evening we had our first meeting of the core team for our upcoming packing party.  We are making initial plans and talking out logistics for September 17th.  Yikes--when did it get so close?

I had the stuffed animals cleaned out of the living room yesterday but another ten bags of donations arrived tonight.  Back to sorting.

But first I need to get to bed because boards and blogging are on the agenda again tomorrow...

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