Saturday, April 16, 2016

Sunny Day

Last Saturday we had April snow showers, but this Saturday we were blessed with bright sunshine and temps that climbed into the 60s.  A lot of couples were probably doing yard work or washing their cars, but we ended up at the storage container.

It's kind of a trickle down effect.  I couldn't clear the extra stuff out of the house until we made some room in the storage container.

Jim helped me make a decision about the 40 or so cartons of plastic cups--the most recent delivery that has been causing a bottleneck.  I'd been on the fence about whether to open all the cartons and inspect and count the cups before finally storing them.  After thinking it through, we decided today to just store them until the packing party.  I guess it doesn't make sense to handle them several times--even though I do like to have those sorting jobs done in advance of the packing party if I can.

So with that decision made it didn't take all that long to get things moved around.  Everything's walled in now, though--so I will not be able to share any extra items until after our packing party.

After a few hours it looks much better and I'm feeling relieved--what a gift!

And tonight I did a cursory tally of our stuffed animals.  I think we have nearly 4,000 now, so we just need to pray for another 22,000.  And, while we're at it, we'd better pray for a place to keep them.

I have 14 bags of stuffed animals in spare bedrooms that are going to the basement of one of our gracious team members.  Anyone else want to host a zoo?

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