Friday, April 15, 2016

April Showers

Maybe there's just something about April in my Operation Christmas Child world.  I remember a few months ago when I got a sweet letter from one of my blog readers who said she'd prayed for me throughout the year "especially in April when you seemed kind of down."

So, yeah...maybe it's just something about April.

I'd been having a lot of angst this week about the packing party that's only five months away--thinking about how I need to get a team together to start planning, but...Who?  When?  Where?
All the same questions.  I struggle enough trying to feebly lead our area team, but another team...

Then I found out yesterday that there are some hitches with the September 17th date we've had set for the packing party.  The same thing happened last year at this time.

So, yeah...maybe it's just something about April.

Now, I wish I could say that I reacted to this news with firm faith that God will work everything out for good.  Unfortunately, my first thought was how easy it would be to just cancel the whole thing.  This is not a new thought.  I frequently toy with this thought--especially when the packing party date is approaching but is still far enough off to make cancellation a possibility.

So, yeah...maybe it's just something about April.

Well, I was already cranky after my routine physical at the doctor.  I had to answer a long series of questions about such things as whether I can get out of bed by myself and dress myself followed by a fifteen minute lecture on living wills and advanced directives.  I've heard this is now routine but it made me feel old.  And the two immunizations I got made me feel sore and feverish.  Next year I won't have a physical in April.

So instead of reacting with firm faith, I acted like Jonah sitting under his little twig and pouting.  I decided I would give myself a 'sick day' and stay in bed all day today.  Well, I didn't exactly stay there all day but I did take two naps and spent a lot of time reading and refused to go for a run.  And I actually think it made me feel better (except now I can't fall asleep.)

My prayer team has crumbled this year, and I'm praying for a new Prayer Mobilization Coordinator and some new team members and prayer partners.  The prayer team is the bedrock for our team and I'm feeling insecure without assurance of that prayer support.

Meanwhile, while my faith isn't as firm as I'd like, I do know that God WILL work this out.  He does it every year despite the obstacles.  His track record is perfect.  The God who parted the Red Sea has no problem providing 23,000 more stuffed animals and recruiting a team of volunteers.

And, yeah, He will get me through April.

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