Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Storage Wars

We had a heat wave today and it was 14 degrees.  And I really needed to get some stuff stashed in our Operation Christmas Child storage container.  I haven't been able to get into it for weeks now, and since I was headed to church for a Bible study this morning anyway I decided to take along a shovel. My wise husband gave me a heavy metal shovel instead of the plastic snow shovel.

That was a good decision.

Here's a picture of the 4-foot tall mass of ice-infused snow that blocked the container when I got there.  I shoveled for about 20 minutes and got the right side door clear.

The next challenge was getting the combination lock open.  After being encased in snow for weeks it was reluctant to move at all.  I prayed hard, took off my gloves and held it in my hand until--victory--it opened!

Finally, I was able to yank open the metal supports...

And, for the first time in weeks...

I could finally pull open the door.  I took into the container the full boxes that had been sitting in my car for two weeks.

Then I loaded my car with 12 cases of paper for a volunteer to staple into packets, 12 cartons of jump rope handles so that more volunteers can assemble jump ropes, and a couple dozen flattened empty cartons so I can box up the washcloths and get them out of my living room.

What an achievement!

Ah, but the fun wasn't over yet.  I was able to get the door of the container shut, but I could not get the latch fastened so I could attempt to put the lock back on.

I pushed it.  I turned my back to it and put my weight to it.  I tried kicking it (my usual method of closing the latch) but found that kicking with rubber-soled boots isn't very effective.

I called my husband, but he didn't have any fresh ideas.

I prayed.

I held the latch in place with my knee and, using both my hands, tried using the end of the shovel handle as a battering ram.

Twenty minutes later I was still no closer to getting it shut.

So, I simply stuck the lock in my pocket, got in my car, and drove away.  If some thief is desperate enough to steal 23,000+ sets of jump rope handles.


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