Saturday, February 21, 2015

Snow Shopping

This week in Erie we tied the all-time record for the lowest temperature in history with 18 degrees below zero.  Other areas near us were even colder.  This morning it warmed up to a balmy positive 19 degrees but the snow started up again.

Still, even though I checked our one and only Target store a few days ago and found nothing much of interest, I was prompted to haul myself out to brush off the car and drive out on the hunt for bargains for our Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes.

I'm so glad I did.

I found 206 of those cute Hello Kitty totes pictured above for .30 each (the Target Spot $1.00 items with a red dot were 70% off.)  Some of them were even Christmas designs but they are cute and highly useful nonetheless.

I found 90 of these Transformers totes for the boys in the same area.

These cute felt totes and buckets weren't with the other 70% off merchandise but they looked sort of "Valentiney" so I scanned them and found out they were .30 also.  More cuteness.

Back in the seasonal aisle (and it was only one aisle) the Valentine items were marked 70% off but when I scanned them (not the food, just the plain merchandise) they came up at 90% off.  I grabbed all the boxes of Valentines that had pencils in them--16 pencils for .30 is a good deal.

And I found 21 of these cute stuffies for .49 each.  The ones that had a small bag of candy attached were still ringing up at only 50% off so I had to leave them there.

As long as I was out I hit Bed, Bath & Beyond, Ollie's, Michaels, Ross, Old Navy and A.C. Moore with no luck.

But I found some good items at Children's Place.  Their winter hats, gloves, and socks were .99 each. I didn't buy any socks because they just don't fill the space in the box well enough but I scooped up these cute hats.

I had a promo code for 20% off (YO1703 -- I think the code is good until 2/23/15) and I used my Children's Place credit card to get an extra 5% off.  So they ended up being .75 each.  Besides, I couldn't resist them when I thought of how adorable they'd look on those little heads.

Finally, I checked out their sale shoes.

These shoes that had a retail price of $27.95 were on sale for just $3.99 a pair.  Again, I used that code and my credit card to bring the price down to $3.08 per pair.

The sun's still not shining but that shoe box shopping adrenaline rush carried me through when I returned home as I shoveled snow and even slogged through a run.

As a winter activity, shopping beats skiing any day.


  1. Great idea to snag the valentines for the pencils! My local Kroger has their boxed valentines pretty cheap right now.

    Love that you found Transformers bags for the boys. :)