Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Great Day

Today was a great day.  Because of my work at the processing center I thought I wouldn't be able to attend today's airlift of 60,000 Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes to northern Iraq.

We were surprised a few days ago when Leigh Fisher, our pc manager, told us she needed two people to shuttle trucks back and forth for the airlift and asked if we'd be willing to do that.  At first she suggested I could drive one of the 26 ft. trucks, but I figured that would be tempting God.  Upon reconsideration the plan was made for me to drive our van behind my husband to shuttle him back after each trip with the truck.

As I considered this plan I started to wonder if it would be wiser to send someone else with my husband.  I thought I might be more useful staying at the pc to do my job.  So I prayed for God's direction and began to feel a true peace about going to the airlift.

Yesterday and today we split our time between being at the pc and shuttling vehicles.

Today was a great day--not because we got to see the airlift program or because we got to speak briefly with Franklin Graham and Greta VanSusteren and tell them about all the volunteers who make our packing party happen.

It wasn't even getting to see that big plane loaded with 60,000 precious 'gospel opportunities'

Or seeing the beautiful clear weather God provided and hearing the sweet children's choir

Or getting to sign a greeting from our Northwestern PA OCC area team to the children in Iraq.

It was a great day because, in my husband's words, "it was like a family reunion."  I got to introduce him to so many OCC friends of mine whom he had never met.  I got to hug the people I pray for and rarely get to see.

Another reason it was a great day was that I saw just a glimpse of God's great tapestry.  Because I was going to be out of the pc on Tuesday and Wednesday, they called in another young woman to work and several of us at the pc got the chance to talk with her a little bit on Tuesday.  We learned that her first daughter was born on Halloween but has been in the NICU ever since.  The baby was full-term but has been struggling with breathing and swallowing and was scheduled for surgery today to insert a trach and a G-tube.   We were able to give her a donation to help with expenses, offer her encouragement, and pray with her today.  None of that would have happened if I had not gone to the airlift.  (would you say a prayer for healing for baby Kalina?)

Oh, and as a great end to the day my husband and I got to have dinner with John and Dawn from Samaritan's Purse donor services.  We loved sharing with them about how God has been working in all of our lives.

There's nothing like sharing God's goodness to make it a great day.

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