Monday, December 8, 2014

400,000 and Counting

Yea!  Today we passed the mark of processing 400,000 Operation Christmas Child boxes at the Baltimore processing center.   Today's boxes are bound for Panama and Namibia.

It was another busy day but I was grateful that God sent Jeff Mauler to work for a few hours sorting another load of donated filler items when I was feeling overwhelmed.  This was the biggest day yet for donations received as I logged in 49 cartons of filler items.  I love to see how God is providing for every need for these boxes.

I don't often get distracted when sorting, but today I just had to stop and take a few pictures of this box full of gorgeous handmade items.

Amazing designs on knitted sweaters and hats and this lovely blanket--

I can just imagine how much joy these will bring to the children who are blessed to receive them.

We also found the 101 boxes I packed in memory of my mother were being processed today (picture above) and it made me a little teary to see them go through the line.

Some of the boxes from Erie Christian Fellowship were processed today also and are on their way to Namibia.

I'm getting more and more curious about how we will end up with these filler items.  Volunteers worked hard at bagging rings today, but we have fewer than 8,000 bags left now.  So...will we have too many filler items and have to return some?  Or...will we run out?

Stay tuned, because we have 200,000 more boxes to inspect before we find out.

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