Monday, June 30, 2014

From "Where Is It?" to "Where Do We Put It?"

A few weeks ago I was thinking about our paper supply for the upcoming Operation Christmas Child packing party.  We received a wonderful donation last winter and all of that paper is stapled into packets and stashed in the back of the container.

I knew, though, that we still needed about 10 more cases (100 reams) of paper.  I didn't pray specifically about this need but God still met our need.

I got a message a few days ago that McCarty Printing, the donors of the last load of paper, had another donation to make.  So tonight Chuck and Lorelei Millet--sweet servants of God--brought the donation loaded in their truck.  Chuck pulled it off the truck and Lorelei and I carried and stacked it into the container.

We didn't get the 100 reams I estimated we needed.  Instead, we got 295 reams! Before they left, we stood and prayed together that God will prepare the hearts of the children who are going to receive this paper to give their lives to Jesus.

As long as I was driving to the container I took my second carload of flip-flops to store there.  This flip-flop story deserves a post of its own so I'll leave the full story for another day.

The bottom line, though, is we now have a wall of the storage container filled with 20 plastic totes containing 1,576 pairs of flip-flops.  Praise God!

Funny thing -- 6 weeks ago we had very little in our storage container and I was praying fervently for a breakthrough.

Tonight I stood in that same container and wondered where I will put the soap I plan to order next.  The space is shrinking at a fast pace.

Ah...from "Where is it?" to "Where do we put it?"

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