Saturday, July 6, 2013

Another Beanie Miracle

We have fewer stuffed animals for our Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes than we did at this time last year, and I've been praying about that.

Today I watched God answer prayer by using a chain of circumstances.  Last Sunday at church someone passed me a couple of folded bills and told me to use them to buy Beanie Babies.  When I got to my car and opened them up, I was shocked to find three $50 bills.

I was immensely encouraged by this generous donation and because of it I was more energized to go on the yard sale circuit this weekend.  I knew I only had several hours to hunt this morning, though, because of family responsibilities.

I was at the last block sale before heading home when I walked into a driveway that had several bins of pristine Beanie Babies for 50 cents each.  Now, normally I would consider that price too high.  I would go to the seller and ask about getting them for 25 cents.

But because I had that donation in my purse and because I was short on time, I decided to just start filling my bags with all I could find.  I started counting and got to 80 when my bag was full.

The seller came and gave me another bag....and then another.....and then another...until I had filled four bags with all the available regular sized Beanies.

Now it was time to pay.  "Do you know how many you have?"  the seller asked. And I honestly replied that I didn't know.  I thought about offering her one of the donated $50 bills, knowing that would be better than the 50 cents each she was asking.

But I waited and didn't say anything.

"Well," she said, "how about $20.00?"  I was ecstatic and told her over and over what a blessing these would be as she helped me carry them to my car.  She even took my card and said she'd call me about the possibility of donating more.

When I got home and counted them I found there were 154!  So I got them for less than 15 cents each.

I think about this chain of events and answered prayers, started because someone obeyed God when he was moved to make a donation.  I can't wait to see what God will do with the remaining $130 of that donation!

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  1. That is awesome!! Just to let you know, Staples and Office Max are starting their back to school deals tomorrow, 7/07. :o)
    I know Staples will have copy paper for 1 cent after rewards, limit 2. The other Staples specials are cap erasers, index cards, and Bic pens for 1 cents with $5 purchase, limit 2 each. You can buy the copy paper as your $5 purchase and that will qualify for the other three specials.
    Office Max has the same paper deal, 1 cent after rewards, limit 2. They have the paper folders and white school glue for 1 cent with $5 purchase, limit 10. If you have the teachers reward card, you have an increased limit. Check with your local store on what that limit will be.
    Hope these help.