Saturday, December 29, 2012

Throwing In More Towels

This morning I went to Target and discovered that the Dollar Spot items with a yellow circle on the tag are 70% off.  The sign still read 50% off but when I took an item and scanned it I found it rang up at 30 cents.

The only items our Target had that were Operation Christmas Child shoebox-worthy were these hand towels. I got 92 of them.  I guess towels must be the OCC "item of the week" for me.

Seeing all these towels gets me thinking about the Bible account of Jesus washing the disciples' feet.  I think of all the disciples who never really considered the idea of taking on the role of a servant and washing feet.  I think if Jesus had flat out told them to do it, they might have obeyed.  But they didn't think of it on their own.  How many service opportunities do I miss every day because I just don't notice them?  God, give me Your eyes to see.

Then there was Peter who was too proud to be served by Jesus.  He wanted to be self-sufficient.  Oh, and that's me, too.  Lord, help me to see my need and accept the help, because no matter what I think, I need it desperately...

or I'll be throwing in that towel.

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