Friday, September 23, 2011

Ready, Set

These little girls and so many million others around the world are waiting to get an Operation Christmas Child shoebox. And now we're waiting to pack some for them.

Tomorrow is our big packing party and, by God's grace, I think we're ready. Well, all except for the truck. We have a 28 ft. truck but they're supposed to switch it out for a 53 ft. truck--hopefully even in the midnight hour tonight. It'll be exciting to see if it's there when I arrive at 7:00 tomorrow morning.

Our local Chick-fil-A is providing breakfast for our lead volunteers while we do training at 8:00 am and we're setting up the helium balloons before that.
I wish I had pictures of how neat things look. My daughter took some and hopefully I'll get them downloaded tomorrow. One of our team members is a graphic designer and she made an amazing tree out of deco boxes placed flat in a shadow display box with a sign in the form of a large star on top inviting people to take a box home and fill it.

Lots of volunteers came tonight to fold boxes and we now have 5,500 folded to start the day. They'll go fast, though, so I hope we can keep up.

Tonight I went out by myself and walked around the perimeter of the church 6 times while I prayed. Tomorrow I want to get our Prayer Coordinator to walk and pray the 7th lap with me.

We're trusting God for great things for all the children who are waiting.

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