Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Carton Quandary

Another wild night of set-up for our Operation Christmas Child packing party. I never saw so much plastic and cardboard tossed around as we unpacked so many factory-packaged items. A crowd of youth came and assembled 1880 boxes, bringing our total to 2580--half way to where we want to be when the party begins.

Tonight's big quandary is the packing of cartons. I had planned to put 23 boxes into each carton. That seemed to work fine with last year's GO boxes and last year's cartons. But when we tried it tonight (see picture above) it seems like we need another half inch of space in the carton to make it work.

We only have 720 cartons and if we put only 21 boxes in each carton I don't think we'll have enough. Today I read in Isaiah 38 about how Hezekiah prayed to God when he was told he would die and God granted him another 15 years of life. So I'm going to pray that God will add at least 15 mm to each side of these cartons or subtract 15 mm from each side of the boxes so we can fit 23 in the cartons.

Have any of you had experience with this year's cartons and GO boxes yet? Is there something I'm missing?

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  1. From your photo, the carton is more rectangular and less square than last year's. I recommend emailing Joey and asking him. He's in Hawaii scouting a PC site.