Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Life's So Bright I Have To Wear A Visor

Those of you who've followed my blog may remember how I went back and forth trying to decide whether to buy more of these visors for our Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. With your help, I made the decision to get two more pallets and Tom, the seller and warehouse owner, was nice enough to hold them for me for several months until I could make payment and free up storage space.

I've been praying that God would work out the logistics of getting them and I made the final payment last week and told the seller I'd be home this Monday and could receive the shipment any time after that. I didn't hear anything about shipping arrangements, though.

On Monday my husband, who almost never comes home in the middle of the day, walked in the door at around 1:00 pm just as the phone rang. The call was from the truck driver who was minutes away from delivering the visors to Grace Church. My hero (husband) was able to go with me to get them unloaded and I even took the time to load my car with 21 garbage bags full of stuffed animals to store on top of the cartons of visors.

We got all 40 cases (1360 lbs) unloaded and managed to make room for them. The visors are good quality, nice and sturdy and in various colors. The seller had also included three large boxes containing 1000 pieces of nice costume jewelry as a donation for our shoeboxes. This was a marvelous answer to prayer and reminded me again that God cares about every detail of this project.

We now have over 15,500 clothing items for our packing party boxes and because God provided such great deals this year their average cost was just .38 each. Last year the clothing item average was .57 each so that represents a savings of almost $3000 over last year. When you're buying large quantities a little saved on each item can really add up.

Did I mention that God is really pouring in the stuffed animals this month? I processed almost 500 yesterday and got another 5 garbage bags full today. We're going to outgrow the ark if we don't get the candy out of there pretty soon.

Things are looking pretty bright in my OCC world right now, but that's okay 'cause I have plenty of visors.


  1. God IS in the details, Kathy. What a testimony/blessing those pieces of jewelry are. Thanks for sharing what God is doing through you. Can't you just see all those kids wearing visors...?

  2. this is a good one!! love the title