Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Affirmation and the Ark

Our Operation Christmas Child team is working on the Church Affirmation Campaign and today was our set deadline for calling all the churches who participated by contributing gift-filled shoeboxes in 2010. I still have to call all the churches in Warren County and it's been difficult because most of the phone numbers I have seem to be numbers for churches (rather than home numbers of those who headed the project at their church) and most of those churches are small and only have an answering machine instead of a human being to answer the phone.

I'm glad I wrote a note to every church in December so at least they heard from us already. I think I'm going to resort to leaving phone messages to get this project done.

I was reminded again at the Operation Christmas Child Connect Conference that my job as an Area Coordinator is to lead the team and not do the work of the team. I still have so much to learn when it comes to leadership, but I've been encouraged to get two new team members in the past few weeks and one application for another prospective member this week. God is answering prayer and building our team.

The bottom line for Operation Christmas Child, of course, is bringing the gospel to children around the world one shoebox at a time. I like to put a cuddly stuffed animal in every shoebox we pack and this year I'm praying to pack 15,000 of them.

So far this year our storage container (aka The Ark) has 1600 stuffed animals in in. That means I'm praying for another 13,400--give or take a few lions or tigers or bears (oh my).

Can you help bring joy to needy kids? If you have any stuffed animals to donate or can recruit some for us, please e-mail me at

And keep praying for the animals to come in--2 (thousand) by 2 (thousand)

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