Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cinderella & The Stuffie Saga

When it comes to Operation Christmas Child, some things make me pray harder. Last week I found 25 pairs of these adorable little girls' patent leather dressy shoes for $1.00 a pair at Gabriels. There have to be 25 little Cinderellas out there just waiting for a pair of party shoes, so I'm praying that God will get each of them to just the right child.

The clothing count is progressing nicely but I'm starting to pray more diligently for stuffed animals. According to my count I've bought 1,436 this year so that means we need 10,564 more to put one in each of our boxes. Sometimes as I walk or run through my neighborhood I think of all the homes that must have unwanted stuffed animals just waiting to be adopted. I think of all the children I see every day who probably have dozens in neglected corners of their bedrooms. What joy they would bring to children who've never had a gift of their own.

God is answering prayer, though. This weekend's rummage sales and yard sales netted 261 more lovable stuffies. If I could just get 106 people to each commit to providing 100 stuffed animals we'd be all set. That shouldn't be so hard, right?

I'm putting Prince Charming to work on that right away.

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