Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Tuesday Times

What a great Tuesday we had--although I have new respect for people who work 12 hour shifts.

Our morning started out a bit slow but by 10:00 am we had more people drifting in.  One by one we got people trained on the fine art of box labeling and folding and had a crew of around 10 people at any time through the day.

Things slowed down over the dinner hour; still, a faithful few remained to continue the work and then things picked up again.  We ended up with a solid crew of 30 people from all segments of the community.

Not only did we get the tables set with items in the Commons for the second part of the box-filling line but we got the rest of the storage container unloaded.

Best of all, we blew past the goal of 4,000 total boxes folded and ended the evening with 5,100!

Praising God for the best of times.

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