Monday, March 27, 2017

Back At It

And...we were back at it again last Wednesday with another packing party work day.  Though the temperature dropped to twenty degrees at least it was sunny and dry and we were blessed with more than forty people from the community who came to help sort and count 10,300 cups, fold and rubber band 10,000 belts and make 2,000 or so jump ropes.

It's always amazing to think how the items we touch will end up months from now in the hands of children in other countries one way or another.

We accomplished an amazing amount of work and it was exciting to see the storage container brought to a sort of temporary organization.

I was feeling great until a few hours later when a team member called to tell me in a roundabout way about feelings that were hurt.  Why do human relationships have to be so challenging?  I mean, I'm close to sixty-five years old and I still can't figure out how to admit to and resolve conflicts.

So, we're going to delve into that subject at our next team meeting and decide if we can all commit to work together as a team well enough to even attempt another large packing party in six months.

I'm trying to look at Jesus' ministry and see how He taught about and modeled relationships.  I'm only half way through Matthew and I already have so many examples.  His very first teaching that we call the Sermon on the Mount is full of direction about how to live with and relate to one another.

I'm not too old to learn how to clearly express my feelings, confess my faults, and ask for forgiveness.  I just need to get back at it.

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