Friday, July 22, 2016

Penney's Provisions Part 2

You may remember a few months ago my media coordinator, Pam, and I were both blessed with a $100 coupon from Penney's that allowed us to buy 54 items to put into boxes at our upcoming Operation Christmas Child packing party on September 17th.

Yesterday Pam called to give me the 'heads up' that Penney's was going to be distributing coupons again on Friday and Saturday--coupons would be for $10 off $10, $20 off $20, or, for the lucky few, $100 off $100.  Pam wasn't able to go this morning but I was prayed up and ready in the parking lot when the doors opened.

And...guess what?  God blessed me with another $100 coupon!

I browsed around the first floor men's and women's departments but didn't find anything really cheap. Next I headed for the children's department and found some shirts for $2.97.  I started pulling them off the rack and counting them.

BUT, then I remembered looking at the Penney's sale flyer this morning and seeing that their nice quality bath towels (regular price $10) were on sale for $3.00.  I moved to that department and asked the cashier if there was a limit on the towels.  She assured me there wasn't, and I told her I'd been blessed with a $100 coupon.  Then I explained Operation Christmas Child to her and told her the story of Ted Foreman who had to share a towel with 20 other children in his orphanage.  He was blessed to receive a simple washcloth in his box because it seemed like his own personal towel.  "Just imagine how excited he would have been by a real bath towel," I told her.

She helped me count and stack the towels on the counter--33 of them!  I got a pair of slippers to fill in the extra amount and ended up paying a total of $1.05 to haul out 34 items.  What a blessing!

When I got home I folded one to fit the length of a GO box and tightly rolled and rubber banded it.  As you can see, there's still plenty of room for more extra treasures.

As I understand it they'll be doing another coupon distribution on Saturday morning so you might want to head to a nearby Penney's.  Each coupon also has another $10 off $10 coupon that's good from July 25th through September 5th.

So I'll be back for more blessings later.

This has been a banner week for answered prayer.  After praying for months God blessed our team with a Prayer Coordinator today.  This means that for the FIRST time since our team was formed in 2007 we have all our coordinator positions filled.

Praise Jesus!  Showers of blessings for sure!

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