Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Container Cleaning

Oh, look--we found the back of our storage container today.  It's almost three weeks post-packing party but a combination of life and the weather has been interrupting the desire to get at the job of reorganizing.

We started the day by opening all the now-dry-but-crumpled boxes filled with next year's jump rope handles, dumping them into the empty Flexfit hat boxes we saved, and breaking down the old boxes.  That alone made such a huge difference.  We got more than 2/3 of those boxes finished and were also able to do a spot inventory to get an idea of what's left.

See how nicely those boxes are stacked?  Well, before you know it one of us is going to be working to tip the top row down so we can use the handles to make more jump ropes.  Juggling boxes around this storage container is a constant.

In the midst of this we loaded (I mean stuffed, as in even the front passenger seat is full) my minivan with leftover nice plastic lidded tumblers that I will deliver tomorrow to our neighboring area team for them to use at their large packing party in November.  All the boxes loaded in my van contain a total of 916 tumblers, and there are another couple hundred in plastic totes that we'll use at local packing parties.

This is where I ask myself why I actually bought almost 1800 of those when we didn't really use that many of them and probably never needed them.  I prayed before I bought them.  I can only conclude that God knew they'd be needed for someone else's boxes.  At least I hope that's a logical conclusion.

In fact, there seems to be a lot left over in this container.  We found five big boxes of boys' shirts, several more totes of girls' fashion accessories that I'm packing into boxes at home now, 600 more water bottles, and tons of nice visors that we'll save for next year.

It's hard to believe that after all my prayers and concern over not having enough items we end up with this surplus.  Who knows?  Maybe we'll be facing the apocalypse and everyone will need visors to survive?

Meanwhile, we still have  a lot of sorting and counting to do.  But there's always another day, because, as my mother would say--it's not going anywhere.

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