Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Night Watch

Why does everything seem worse in the dark of night?  I had a relaxing afternoon by myself at the beach--just resting and spending time with the Lord.  I was refueled and feeling peaceful.

But when I'm lying awake past midnight my mind gets as tangled as all these lengths of rope I've been cutting to be made into jump ropes.  Details that I blessedly ignore during the day flit like August fireflies through my foggy brain.

Despite being on detail overload, I have to admit God's been pouring out blessings in the past few days.

Look what arrived at my door on Friday--

These totes held a donated pristine Beanie Baby collection--792 of them!  And earlier that day I was blessed with another donation of 96 on top of a good yard sale haul.

Then a bit later on Friday the UPS man showed up with three large cartons--

full of the softest, cuddliest new stuffed animals--159 of them!  After I got them sorted and counted I had to let them sit around for a while just so I could look at them and hug them a bit--  These were sent from across the country by a sweet teen girl who reads this blog and, with her family, just wanted to bless the children who will receive the boxes packed at our packing party.  That family was obedient to give even though the father of the family is out of work right now.  Will you please pray with me that God will bless him with just the right job?

The total for Friday alone was 1,158 stuffed animals...

So...God has been answering prayer.  I've been "casting my cares on Him" for a few hours now so it's time to shut my brain off and let Him work out the details.

He'll be awake.

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