Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Shoe In

I love to put shoes in our Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes.  Yesterday I stopped again at Gabes and was able to find three pairs of shoes and one cute pair of fluffy slippers for $1.00 each.  I'm praying God will put each pair into the box of a child who will love them.

I wrote in a blog a few weeks ago about how God blessed me on a shopping trip by allowing me to find a pair of shoes I needed for myself for only $3.00.  I was thrilled.

Well, I've been wearing boots for the past couple of months and haven't needed those shoes.  Until last night.  Last night I started to pack for the Operation Christmas Child Connect Conference and discovered I can't find those shoes.

I've looked everywhere and have decided I must have accidentally boxed them up with all the other shoes I bought for girls age 10-14 and put them into the storage container.  So...I guess I'm going on a  'search and rescue' mission to try to find them in there today.  If I can't find them I might be wearing running shoes for the whole conference.

The conference for year-round OCC volunteers begins tomorrow in Dallas, TX.  Two team members and myself are leaving today to drive to nearby Cleveland, OH to spend the night so we can make our early morning flight tomorrow.

It's exciting to anticipate being with 1,200 other passionate OCC friends.  We'd love it if you would pray for this conference--

  • that the Holy Spirit will have free reign and each of us will be still and hear God's voice
  • that each volunteer will be energized and equipped in new ways to accomplish God's purpose through OCC
  • that speakers will be anointed and OCC staff will be empowered to serve well
  • most of all...that God will be glorified in all we do 
Oh, and I know it's just a small thing but in I Peter 5:7 God tells us to cast all our cares on Him so...will you pray I find those shoes?

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