Monday, January 19, 2015

The Great Camo Debate

I was blessed to find fifty 3-packs of these cute boys' briefs for our Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes and each 3-pack cost only 50 cents.  It was a wonderful deal for Hanes quality underwear.

As I unpackaged them and folded each pair I mused about the Great Camo Debate that seems to occupy our OCC discussions from time to time.

By the way, these briefs are not camo.  They have an all-over design of printed lizards.  Still, they do look like camo...which led to my musings.

We were told this year at the processing center that camo is inappropriate only on clothing items that can make a child look like a soldier--hats, shorts, shirts.  I'm assuming, then, that underwear is acceptable as are flip-flops and items such as notebooks, pencils, etc.

Of course, that didn't stop some folks from removing those items with camo from the boxes.

And as I folded these briefs I wondered to myself how many of them will be removed from boxes when they are inspected.   I smiled as I pictured them being sent to the "inappropriate items" area, then returned to be used as filler items, only to be sent back again to "inappropriates".  Something else to pray about.  And I trust that God will get each of these to the boy He wants to have them.

After all, our sovereign God has a plan for each of these precious boxes, and there's no hiding from that.


  1. I better think hard about the camo tree skirt I found that I will alter. I wonder if it would be taken up as cut up lovies for 2-4 yr olds??

    1. machine applique a red heart on it, less army like. or buy fleece on sale and piece together patchwork style or stripes.