Monday, November 24, 2014

(Im)Patiently Waiting

Waiting.  Here are some of the first and second shift crew employees who just completed a joint time of prayer at the new Baltimore Operation Christmas Child processing center.  Training is done and now we are waiting for the first volunteers to arrive tomorrow so we can begin preparing those precious boxes.

Waiting.  I am waiting to see how God will work things out in these next few weeks at the processing center.  We will potentially process 60,000 boxes each day.  This would be the equivalent of more than three times the amount of boxes we pack at our annual packing party in one day with about the same number of volunteers (300) that we had this year.

Waiting.  I am waiting to see how the filler items will be distributed.  It's impossible to know how many of the boxes coming in will require filler items to be added and how the supply will last.

And, on this last day of National Collection Week, I am still waiting for a total of the number of boxes collected this year in Northwestern PA.  Because of ice on the roads on Saturday the trucking company was not able to send another truck until this evening and it will be loaded tomorrow and final tabulations made.  And so I keep


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