Sunday, February 17, 2013

Persistent Perseverance

If there's one thing it takes to make it in this Operation Christmas Child journey it is perseverance.  And if that is granted genetically, I'm going to be blessed.

Yesterday I watched my mother, who will turn 100 years old in just 146 more days, work on a jigsaw puzzle.  We started at 1:00 pm and, except for two bathroom and meal breaks, she worked continuously until after 10:00 pm.  I, of course, took some moments to check my phone or walk around the house.

But not Mom.  No breaks for her.

If puzzle working is indicative of persistence in general, then I have persistence to a point.  But I also like success.  When I get stuck on a certain section and can't get ahead I'll move on to another area where I can hopefully get some pieces in and achieve some progress.

But not Mom.  She is tenacious.

She worked on the hardest section--the part of the puzzle that was all green.  And she stared and she picked up pieces and she tried and she tried--I swear she tried every single green piece to fit in that one spot.  And then she tried them all again.

"Don't you want to try something else?"  I suggested.  "Here, maybe you could work on putting together the bridge."

"No," Mom answered,  "I'm going to find this one.  I know it's here somewhere."

And, eventually, she found it.

I have been praying for several years for ministry coordinators for my Operation Christmas Child team--especially a Network Coordinator to manage the relay and collection centers and a Community Relations Coordinator to lead a team to develop the ministry with community groups.

These are key roles and having the right people in these positions could revolutionize our team's impact.

I can't honestly say that I've been that persistent in finding those missing pieces for my team.  I'd rather get sidetracked with something that gives more immediate success--like a giant shoebox packing party.

By God's grace, though, I want to have Mom's persistent perseverance.  I want to think about what qualities those candidates need and pray specifically for God to bring the right Spirit-filled people to our team.

Instead of rushing around to do the work that these prospective candidates would be doing, I want to pray with 'importunity'--a good old King James Bible word for persistence--that God will fill these positions.

I'm going to take my inspiration from my tenacious, long-living mother.  I'm going to keep asking and seeking and knocking....

Until God brings me those missing pieces.

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