Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thinking Of Heaven

I can't fall asleep tonight.  I'm just too excited about my flight to Maryland tomorrow for our annual Operation Christmas Child Area Coordinators' retreat.  Guess I'll be running on adrenaline this weekend, but that's okay.

As I lay awake after watching the memorial service for Joe Paterno I couldn't stop thinking about heaven.  Watching those video montages of the coach's life with musical accompaniment got me to thinking that maybe that's what it will be like for each of us when we get to the judgment seat in heaven.

The moment-by-moment reel of each of our lives will play out in totality.  Every good thing that we allowed God to do in us will be on display and fully revealed so we can revel in the majesty of all He has done.  Likewise, each sin (the good we failed to do and the wrongs we did) will be exposed.  That part will be so hard--seeing the disappointment of our failures.

But only as all that ugliness is uncovered and brought to light will we know true forgiveness.  All the wrongs that are covered in the blood of the Lamb for all eternity will be known and we will be totally free of them.  In that light we can fully claim reconciliation and healing.

You know, just thinking about it makes me wish I could go to heaven right now.  Sometimes it's just so hard to wait.

On the other hand, the goal of life is not only to get to heaven but to take as many precious souls as possible with me.  So tomorrow I'm going to get on a plane and travel to Maryland to meet with other Operation Christmas Child volunteers.   We'll encourage one another and share ideas and make plans and dream of how much more God has for us in 2012.

And we'll ask God to show us how we can share His gospel opportunity with thousands (and, yes, millions) more children around the world.

Ahhh, heaven!

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  1. I think this is one of my favorite posts of yours. Way to put it ALL in perspective, my friend. I wanna be in heaven and watch your film reel; I want to see your face when child after child comes up to say thank you for packing a shoebox...